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TREE pruning

Tree Pruning and Trimming in Adelaide by Qualified Arborists in Adelaide

Do you have trees that are overgrown? Trees or bushes that are misshapen? Maybe they are leaning or lopsided? If so, then they probably need pruning or shaping. You may have just one large branch that is obscuring a view, coming too close to property or even has damage and is wilting and in danger of breaking and falling off, causing harm and damage. Here are the most common signs your tree or trees and large bushes may need to be pruned:

  • Broken Branches
  • Misshapen Trees
  • Dead or Diseased Limbs
  • Branches Near Power Lines
  • Storm Damage
  • Excessive Growth
  • Weak Branches
  • Densely Packed Trees
  • Cracked Bark
  • Crossing branches


Some of the above are actually critical to tree health and can prevent the tree from dying like cracked bark or diseased limbs, so pruning is critical.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the removal of dead, decaying, or undesirable limbs/branches from a tree to remove hazards, promote healthy growth of the tree, and improve visual appeal. You may see pruning as a simple task that you believe can be easily taken care of as part of your standard lawn care. However, like any tree job; pruning can be dangerous. There is a wrong way and a right way to prune your trees. So, let Adelaide Arborists prune your trees the right way! Our way of pruning your trees will add strength and beauty to your property while decreasing the potential for breakage or hazards.

What We will Do When We Prune Your Trees

First we will assess that pruning is appropriate and that it’s the right time to do it. Then we will use the correct pruning method to attain your required results. We will then carefully use the right technique to prune only what is necessary and target the correct parts of the tree. Each tree will require different methods that we, as Level 3 and 5 qualified Arborists, will know. If any treatments are required, we will administer those as well. We will then remove all the parts we cut off and tidy up, leaving you with an expertly pruned tree and resolving your issue. Sometimes we can’t do this in one visit as we may require permission and or access, especially for large trees or where there is a large branch that needs to be removed. We have all the required equipment to do this safely without any risk to your or your neighbour’s property.

Get in touch with your local experts for all tree pruning services in Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions

While tree pruning and tree trimming may seem similar, there are important distinctions between the two. Tree trimming involves selectively cutting back tree growth to promote healthier development and prevent overgrowth. This service can include tasks such as canopy reduction, canopy lifting, and canopy thinning, with the goal of enhancing the natural appearance of your trees.

On the other hand, tree pruning goes beyond basic maintenance – it offers your plants the complete manicuring treatment. In addition to regular maintenance, tree pruning may involve the removal of hazardous or obstructive branches and even trimming parts of tree roots. It also encompasses the removal of dead, damaged, or diseased tree branches, ensuring the overall health and vitality of your trees.

If you need to remove a damaged or diseased tree branch, you can prune it at any time during the year. However, it’s advisable to perform such pruning as early as possible. When it comes to maintenance trimming, it’s important not to prune immediately after the early spring growth. Doing so can potentially hinder your plant’s growth. Different tree species have varying trimming cycles, but a suitable time for pruning is when the tree growth is dormant.

Our qualified arborists possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you on the best timing for tree trimming and pruning specific to the trees on your property. Schedule a consultation with us today and benefit from our professional advice.

The responsibility for tree trimming can differ between cities and depends on the location of the tree in relation to your property. To determine the specific regulations and guidelines regarding tree pruning or removal, it’s recommended to consult with your local council. They can provide you with information on who is responsible for trimming trees in your area and any associated rules or restrictions.

Tree removal becomes necessary in certain situations where pruning alone is insufficient. Some common reasons for tree removal include disease-infested trees, trees growing at dangerous angles that pose threats to people or property, or trees that fail to thrive and cast excessive shade, negatively impacting the growth of surrounding plants.

If you’re uncertain whether tree removal is the best course of action, our expert arborists can assess your trees and provide professional advice tailored to your specific needs.

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