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Tree Removal Services in Adelaide, Safe Tree and Stump Removal by Arborists

When a tree failure occurs, count on Adelaide Arborists to provide quick and safe response to removing even the largest of hazard trees. Removing trees can be a very dangerous job. When it comes to tree removal, Adelaide Arborists are experts in complete tree removal, with our state-of-the-art equipment it ensures that every job is done quickly, safely, and according to our specifications.

Whether the tree is overgrown or needs to be removed for construction or landscaping purposes, our team of experts gets the job done.

How to Tell When a Tree Needs to be Cut Down and Safely Removed

There are common signs when it’s time to completely remove a tree. Some are more obvious than others, but if you are unsure or suspect this might be the case, then please call us for advice or a qualified inspection and assessment, as we are Level 2 and Level 5 qualified arborists. Here are common signs that your tree might need to be removed:

  • Already died or is severely declining in health
  • Too close to buildings, plumbing, swimming pools, power lines etc
  • Leaning excessively or dangerously
  • You are renovating and want the space
  • Need to clear the view or require more light
  • Is diseased or has interior decay


Some of the above may be rectifiable, and enable us to save the tree. Adelaide Arborists love trees so we will tell you when we think we can save the tree. Diseases can be treated and leaning or excessive growth can be resolved by pruning or shaping, but sometimes there is no other choice but to remove it. This requires great skill, correct tools and machinery, qualifications, and often local permissions. We have and take care of all those things.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

There is obviously no fixed price and each tree and situation is unique. We don’t have fixed fees, as this isn’t in our customers’ favour (or ours). We will always carry out an inspection first and give an accurate quote explaining the procedure. Some trees (often large ones) will require more machinery, access permissions, and time; others less so.

It’s worth noting that complete tree removal will require stump grinding, but this is sometimes optional and can save money. Also, people often think tree removal means just cutting large branches, which it can. So, if your tree only needs some larger branches lopped and removed, then this will obviously reduce the cost. Give us a call to find out a price.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may be tempted to remove a tree by yourself, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved. Tree removal is not a simple task that can be done with a chainsaw and a ladder. It requires proper training, experience, and equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. For instance, you may not be able to remove the entire tree without a commercial-grade stump grinder, which can be costly and dangerous to operate. Moreover, you may cause damage to your property or nearby structures if you don’t follow the correct procedures. Therefore, it’s always advisable to leave tree removal to the professionals who have the skills and tools to handle it safely and effectively.

Tree removal becomes a necessity when pruning alone is not enough to address the issues caused by a tree. Some of the common situations that require tree removal are:

  • When a tree is severely damaged by a storm or other natural causes.
  • When a tree poses a threat to your property or structure due to its proximity, size, or condition.
  • When a tree is dead or dying and cannot be revived.
  • When a tree is leaning dangerously or has structural defects.
  • When a tree is infected by pests, diseases, or fungi that can spread to other trees.

If you’re unsure whether your tree needs to be removed or not, our expert arborists can assess your tree and provide you with professional advice based on its health and situation.

The cost of tree services depends on various factors, such as the type and size of the tree, the specific service required and the working conditions involved. For example, removing a large and complex tree will cost more than removing a small and simple one. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of tree services, feel free to contact us today and we’ll provide you with a customised quote based on your needs.

Yes, we do offer emergency response services for urgent situations involving trees. If you encounter a situation where a tree has fallen or is about to fall on your property or structure, please call us immediately and provide us with a detailed description of the emergency. We’ll dispatch our team as soon as possible to attend to your request and resolve the issue safely and efficiently.

Yes, we can handle the removal of any size of trees, including very large ones. We have the expertise and equipment to deal with large, dead, or hazardous trees that may pose a challenge for other companies. Whether you need us to remove a single large tree or multiple ones, we’ll be happy to provide you with an obligation-free assessment and quote. Just give us a call today and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Before proceeding with tree removal, it’s advisable to consider the tree’s impact on wildlife and investigate whether council permissions are necessary, as some trees might require approval. We’re here to offer guidance on the most suitable tree removal process. Get in touch with us to arrange a no-obligation assessment and quote.

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