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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Services in Adelaide by Qualified Arborists

Stop Grinding completely removes unsightly or rotting tree stumps. This process is optional when having a tree removed so sometimes the stumps are left behind. This can sometimes lead to the stump being infected with fungus or insects which are a hazard, or it means you cannot flatten the ground and get usable space back for grass or parking etc.

Adelaide Arborists can quickly and safely remove any stumps or indeed remove the whole tree. We have a specialist stump grinding tool that acts like a multi headed chainsaw and grinds the stump into chippings which can be used to make mulch or can just be removed.

Benefits of Stump Grinding?

Is Stump Grinding Expensive?

Generally stump grinding on its own isn’t expensive. As part of a complete tree removal the cost is obviously higher. Stump grinding is a fairly simple but skilled process that requires time and access around the stump.

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