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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Services in Adelaide by Qualified Arborists

Stump grinding completely removes unsightly or rotting tree stumps. This process is optional when having a tree removed so sometimes the stumps are left behind. This can lead to the stump being infected with fungus or insects which can be a hazard, or it means you cannot flatten the ground and get usable space back for grass or parking, etc.

Adelaide Arborists can quickly and safely remove any stumps or indeed remove the whole tree. We have a specialist stump grinding tool that acts like a multi-headed chainsaw and grinds the stump into chippings which can then simply be removed.

Benefits of Stump Grinding?

Is Stump Grinding Expensive?

Generally, stump grinding on its own isn’t expensive. As part of a complete tree removal, the cost is obviously higher. Stump grinding is a fairly simple but skilled process that requires time and access around the stump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stump grinding involves removing tree stumps from the ground using specialised equipment. This service is important for several reasons, such as reducing risks, improving appearance, creating more space and preventing pest and fungal infestations on the stumps.

The price of stump grinding depends on various factors, such as the size, location and condition of the stump, as well as the amount of cleanup required. At Adelaide Arborists, we do not have fixed rates for our services because each project is different. However, we provide free quotes for our customers, so you can know the exact cost of your stump grinding project before we start.

At Adelaide Arborists, we prefer stump grinding over stump removal in most situations. Stump removal requires digging a large hole to extract the entire root ball and root system of the tree, which can cause significant damage to your landscape. Stump grinding avoids this problem by only removing the visible part of the stump, leaving the roots to decay naturally. This results in less equipment, fewer workers, less damage, and lower costs.

The time it takes to grind a stump varies depending on factors such as the method used, the accessibility of the site, and the cleanup involved. Generally, the actual grinding process can take as little as 10 minutes for small stumps or up to a few hours for large and well-established trees.

It is not advisable to plant a new tree in the same spot immediately after stump grinding, but it may be possible depending on the type of tree that was previously there. The area needs some time for the wood chips to settle and for the old roots to decompose. Our experts will guide you on the best time to plant a new tree in the same location.

Stump grinding by Adelaide Arborists has many advantages, such as:

  • Improving Appearance: Removing tree stumps enhances the overall look of your garden or property.
  • Creating Space: You can use the cleared area for different purposes such as growing grass, planting flowers, or adding parking space.
  • Reducing Hazards: Stumps can be tripping hazards, especially when they are low and hard to see.
  • Preventing Pests and Fungus: Stumps can rot and attract pests and fungus, which can spread to nearby plants.
  • Stopping Stump Sprouting: Stump grinding ensures that the tree does not grow back again, eliminating future concerns about its growth.

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