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Emergency Storm Response and Damaged Tree Removal

Emergency Storm Response and Damaged Tree Removal by Adelaide Arborists

During storms or heavy weather its often possible that weak or already damaged trees can become a danger. If a storm is strong enough even healthy trees can be affected, losing branches or the whole tree become partially uprooted or falling completely.

If a tree has become unstable it can damage property (not just your own), power lines and fall onto people or animals so needs to be secured and dealt with by professionals. In an emergency you can call Adelaide Arborists who will use their experience to deal with the tree as quickly as is safe to do so.

What To Do In a Storm if You Think Your Trees Are Affected

Our licensed Arborists will start by assessing all the trees on your property to check for signs of damage.

The team will then discuss which trees we feel can be preserved and nursed back to health, and which need to be removed in order to prevent future damage to property or danger to your family.

Once our observations are complete and we’ve decided on the best course of action, we will present you with our proposed plan.

We will work with you to create a timeline that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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