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Firewood Adelaide - Firewood Collected and For Sale

We have top quality hardwood firewood available to buy and collect or be delivered in the Adelaide area. Our firewood comes from our tree removal services where we dry it out (if necessary), remove all the bad and deadwood and retain the best quality firewood for use amongst Adelaide’s open fires. We keep a stock of firewood all year round that is guaranteed to burn well and is already chopped and shaped for easy use on any open fire.

Firewood That’s Ready to Burn

Because it’s top quality, aged and dried it means it’s ready to be used straight away. Its pre-cut into handy fairly uniform sized chunks for easy use on any sized open fire. We can deliver large or small amounts directly to your home for storage and immediate use.

Why Use Only Hardwoods?

Hardwood burns longer and gives you a higher temperature. This means less topping up of the fire and also makes it more controllable. Softwoods like Pine will burn but they don’t give anywhere near as much heat or burn time so are far less economical in the long run.

Will You Collect Firewood?

Yes, we’ll collect your hardwood logs for free. perhaps you have some from some tree felling or land clearance so just give us a call and we’ll collect it for free as soon as we can.

How Quickly Can We Deliver Firewood?

If we are available then it’s possible to get it the same day. But usually allow 2 to 3 days for delivery as we need to use the right vehicle to transport it to your property.

Please give us a call to get a quote for top quality firewood in the Adelaide area on 0450 460 123.

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