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The Dangers of DIY Tree Lopping & DIY Tree Branch Removal


There are many reasons why people use qualified arborists for tree removal, but tree lopping and removing branches is still seen as something that can be done easily by homeowners or gardeners. There are serious dangers that come with tree lopping, and not all the dangers from the branches themselves. Let’s look at some of the dangers involved in what might seem an easy task.

Serious Injury or Death

The dangers of attempting to cut down large branches are very real. Every year in Australia alone there were at least 99 deaths between 2000 and 2016 alone. Please don’t be one of them when there are qualified arborists available for such work.

Tree Branches Are Heavier Than You Think

Branches can be deceptively heavy for their size depending on the type of tree and whether they are tied out and dead or not. A falling branch can do a lot of damage to people and property. A heavy tree branch might not fall the way you think also.

Damaging Your Tree

When removing branches (lopping) there is always a technique, a time, a tool, a place, and an amount that will dictate the lop. Lopping randomly on a healthy tree to create more light or take branches away from a property cannot just be done haphazardly because you can damage and stress your tree, sometimes killing it. Your tree can also be very prone to falling after lopping so it should be done properly.

Chainsaws and Power Tools

If we ever need to explain this, then you definitely shouldn’t be attempting to remove large branches from trees.

Injury From Dead or Rotting Falling Branches

Whilst lopping healthy branches, other dead or rotting branches can suddenly fall due to the movement. These can still be very heavy and cause damage to people and property if it’s not accounted for.

Lack of or Improper Use of Safety Gear

All arborists will have multiple types of safety gear from helmets, gloves and visors, to ladders, harnesses and support mechanisms.

Incorrect Use of Ladders

Falling from ladders is one of the biggest causes of household and home accidents in the world. It’s even more dangerous outside, with higher ladders, that aren’t properly used whilst trying to reach greater heights. Again, if this needs explaining, you really shouldn’t be trying to lop your tree.

Property Damage

As branches usually don’t fall the way most people think, the risk of damage to walls, fences, windows, cars, power lines, telephone lines and almost anything else you can think of is much higher.


If you have a large tree that has sick or dead branches that are a fall risk or branches that are coming close to the property or obscuring light then you really should only be talking to qualified arborists to have them safely removed.