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Simple Tree Care – 7 Essential Tips You Should Know


If you love your trees or even a single tree, then you should definitely know these simple 7 steps in how to help take better care of it. Some trees require more care than others, but all will benefit from the following simple tips.


All trees require water like every other living organism, some require more than others, but younger trees require more, especially newly planted trees. In Australia, depending on where you are it can be a long time until the next rainfall, so there’s no harm in watering your trees. Start from a little outside the main stump and focus under the canopy wherever the ground is driest.


You can’t just plant trees or plants anywhere. There are definitely preferential places that will give them optimal growth and less harm from bugs or wind etc, or even from interfering with other plants nearby. Depending on the variety you are planting you should only plant at the correct time of year and at the correct depth, plan ahead for its growth with regard to power lines and property etc and its overall location for the sunlight it will receive.


We have already covered pruning in more detail, this can be effective in early development as it is for established trees. Do your pruning in the dormant months of your species and just simple minimal pruning of deadwood can increase your tree’s health and growth potential.


We have also covered this topic in detail, but mulching is difficult to get wrong and very effective for young trees or species that require water when there isn’t much. Mulching helps retain groundwater by preventing evaporation (amongst other things). As long as you don’t cover the trunk base then an inch or two of mulch will mean less watering and protect the roots.


Depending on the size of the tree this is a difficult and dangerous process that should be left to your local arborist. Even though removing a tree may well be sad but to the benefit of your other trees or property, it’s just not something that you should try yourself. There are rules and regulations as well as the safety of others to consider, let alone actually disposing of them.


For most gardeners, you don’t need to feed your trees as they will get enough nutrients from the soil, but you can get test kits for your soil to see if your tree is getting enough. Feeding your tree will not only make it bloom better (if it does) but also grow quicker and have stronger health.


Most people will get a problem with their tree from time to time, like too much growth, infection or growing lopsided so simply get a checkup from your local expert arborists to keep them in perfect health.