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How Trees Increase Your Home and Property Value


When selling your home you may not think about your trees, they can often get overlooked or if they are in poor health then they can extract from your property rather than add to it. The established and well-maintained trees on your property can’t just be replaced and so make your property unique and are always factored into homes value by property agents. Let’s look at how your trees can boost your property value.

Property Value and Tree

If you’re looking to move and sell your property or if your home is orderly and well-maintained then it will get the best asking price or valuation. Cluttered and damaged homes sell for less, this is true no matter where you are in the world.

So as some de-cluttering and a new lick of paint will improve your home’s valuation, the same is also true when it comes to gardens and trees, but this can often be overlooked. You should take a look at your garden and trees and consider it from a buyer’s perspective, you may need to cut back, or you may need to plant. If it has been poorly maintained then some simple gardening work will do wonders and having an arborist plant, prune, lop or even remove a tree will make a world of difference when selling.


What Do Trees Add to a Property?

Most property agents will tell you the same thing that garden lovers will tell you:

  • Character – Identical or similar houses can seem bland and unappealing but a house with a well-planted front or back yard with a tree that is a statement piece makes your home more unique.
  • Privacy – Whether from the front, back or sides, trees and shrubs can give your home a great deal of privacy and beauty, considerably more than fences.
  • Instant Appeal – At the right time of year and with the right tree, a stunning blossoming tree can be the deciding factor in a sale. Considerate planting can be a wise investment.
  • Wildlife – For bird or animal lovers, the right trees and shrubs can attract some beautiful and amazing wildlife to your property to boost its appeal.


How Trees Can Detract Value

Here’s a list of things to consider when selling, especially from prospective buyers’ eyes. If your trees are doing any of the following, then consider getting an arborist to deal with these issues before selling:

  • Blocking out light
  • Leaning or in danger of falling
  • Roots causing damage to walls or drains
  • Branches growing towards windows or utility cables
  • A diseased or dying tree
  • A tree that sheds seeds and flowers everywhere
  • Taking up too much space


If any of the above apply to you, whether it’s adding or detracting from your property, trees should always be considered when selling your home. Speak to your local arborist for the best solution to boosting your home’s value.