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Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning

Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning and How it Helps Health and Longevity

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If you have a large garden with trees and shrubs then regular pruning is an absolute necessity. You might think that plants will take care of themselves but there are so many other factors regardless of the fact they might interfere with structures and other essential things like power lines and cables etc.

Should I prune trees myself?

The simple answer is only if you know what you are doing. Pruning is a skill like many others and it varies from plant to plant, season to season and to also to what you are trying to achieve. Randomly hacking away at your tree or shrub because you have heard this helps them live longer will almost certainly do the opposite. Having qualified arborists do this as opposed to gardeners will achieve better results.

Main Reasons and Benefits for Tree Pruning:

Risks of Not Hiring a Qualified Arborist

As you can see above there are many factors to consider, and thats before you even factor in the species or variety of tree or shrub, let alone the season and how much to do and how! It’s a skilled process that will have long term benefits if done correctly or long term detriments if not. getting someone skilled is crucial if you care about your garden.

Things That an Arborist Will Consider?

Whilst you can gain a good deal of information on the internet, this alone will necessarily make you good at pruning. Aside from the practical skill there are all sorts of other things a skilled arborist will have to consider. Bacteria and fungi swell as potential sap loss all have to considered too as well as how much pruning. Over pruning is also bad so again having the experts do this is almost essential for large gardens and trees.

Questions an arborists will ask:

So to recap, pruning on a small individual level seems simple and often can be, but for large plants and areas containing many shrubs and trees then it very quickly gets a lot more complicated. Gardeners and landscapers can be quite good but are simply not as qualified for pruning as arborists. Always call a professional like Adelaide Arborists on 0450 460 123.