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Arborists or Gardener? What’s the Difference?


Climbing and lopping trees is a risky and skilful business. Whilst most regular gardeners might say, “I can do that”, the reality is it’s a very well regulated and certificated industry for many good reasons. It not only requires skills, training, experience and often specialist equipment (like a cherry picker for example), but it can also often require local government approval as well as being certified to be able to do so. In short, if it’s anything to do with trees, then you will almost certainly need an Arborist.

What can Arborists do?

Most arborists will offer a great many specific services but mainly tree health which gardeners cannot. This may include treating specific diseases but also dealing with pests and fungus which can spread to healthier nearby trees and also attract flies and other human health hazards.

Arborists can also address safety issues regarding plumbing and foundations as well as future growth regarding power cables and telephone lines etc. Not getting a quailed arborist is a real risk for commercial as well as domestic clients.

Risks of Not Hiring a Qualified Arborist

Most reputable gardeners will not take on tree work but instead refer you to someone like us. Adelaide Arborists have been providing tree removal services for over 15 years for every kind of tree service imaginable for commercial as well as domestic clients with a 100% job satisfaction guarantee.

How Do I Know if I Need an Arborist?

There are many common symptoms that will tell you if you need the specialist services of qualified arborists apart from the obvious one that you need a tree removed (tree lopping). Tree removal, including completely removing the stump (known as stump grinding) is in itself a complex and skilful service that will normally have multiple methods with one being the most appropriate for your situation.

Other reasons will be the health of your trees, whether that be from infection or just the general care, pruning and trimming them in a way that is not only best for the tree but also for the space and surrounding fauna.

So to recap, gardeners and landscapers have their own specialised skills sets that are appropriate to the job at hand, as do arborists. Asking a gardener to do specialised work is a risk that can not only be costly and potentially dangerous, but sometimes illegal depending on local government rules and law. Always call a professional like Adelaide Arborists on 0450 460 123.